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LZHX-2300/2800B High Speed AB Folder Gluer
Product introduction
High speed Folder Gluer is used for box making by double sheets (AA sheet or AB sheets) or single sheet.It replaced the manual pasting,reducing the labor intensity.Comparing with the traditional Semi-Automatic Gluer.It saves labor and increased the quality of products.The machine adopt the frequency converter,PLC control,equipped with high speed clutch,operation control precision . The machine feeding system is equipped with strong suction and feeding, which can transport double sheets and single sheets of paper.When the machine produce the two pieces carton ,two sheets of paper can be coated with glue (hot melt adhesive) in the dynamic state, and the accuracy is high.Adopting double suction and feeding independent control,ensure paper feeding stable and reliable.A piece and B pieces can be run separately.

Model LZHX-2300B LZHX-2800B
Max.paper size 1150x1200mm 1400x1200mm
Min.paper size 500x300mm 500x350mm
Total power 16kw    16kw   
Max.speed 3100sheet/hour  3100sheet/hour 
Weight 2.6T 2.8T
Overall dimension 3000x3000x1300mm  3000x3500x1300mm